Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coaching Recreational Sports

Most of this blog is geared toward recreational youth cheer. Meaning NO tryouts. Anyone can join and as the coach you have to make do. I'm not saying that is a bad thing . To me it is that much more rewarding. However at the same time some coaches are new at this whole experience also, and that's why I created this blog and why We Coach Youth Sports started a website and Coaching Youth Sports Forum. To help new coaches . It is not about coaching boys or girls, It's not about coaching a certain sport. It's about coaching kids and how to make it an enjoyable experience for you, the parents, and your team. I'm always open for a comment or question, So don't hesitate.

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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me about a contest at where you can upload videos of your kids doing cheers for a chance to be on national TV. I thought it might be a fun thing to o during the summer since nothing else is going on. It would also be a great team building experience. All of the information is at

Coach Maria said...

Thanks for the info. sounds great i'll check it out.

Tasha said...

Hi, I starting coaching a youth cheer squad last season for my son's football team, and I have no cheerleading experience so I am relying on the internet to teach me!:) I have a few questions for you I hope you don't mind?! Last season my girls were pretty out of control, not listening, playing, sitting down, whining, having to go to the bathroom all the time, I would say it was my fault because I didn't know how to lay down the ground rules right away, I was their friend not their coach. So my question is how do I start my season off without seeming like a "hard ass"? Also, I have always been confused on this, do I line the girls up shortest to tallest in front of me, or the tallest one in the middle? One more, do you have any ideas how to start off practice everyday? Like drill ideas? Thank You for your time!! Can't wait to hear from you!!

Anonymous said...

I've been coaching for awhile, and did my first recreational season last year. It was much harder than coaching for a school the last several years. It just so happened that the school I was coaching for was also in a rec league.

Lining up girls with the tallest in the middle is always the best option. It makes for a more uniform/symetrical formation. Try to give the side people opportunities to get in the middle, even for an 8-count. Or, the people in the back to the front, even for an 8-count or part of a cheer. It will make them feel special. I heard lots of complaints last year that girls were always on the side or never in the front. Then I took them to competition and they saw huge squads where there was NO WAY everyone would get to be in the front.

Laying down the law right away is terribly important. Even as a seasoned cheer coach, I had trouble in this area. In part, it could be because anyone can join and everyone has different values. Treating cheer no different than a classroom setting makes the most sense. WRITE your rules for conduct into the cheer contract, so that you always have something to lean on. It's difficult because cheer is so dependendent on the cheerleaders as a team, not just individuals as in some sports. Not much time to train someone to substitute when the days are flying by. I'm definitely updating our contract to reflect conduct rules for treating a team member wrong, whining (making them run works, especially during a game or around the football/basketball player's one wants to be subject to that!) disrespecting the coach, not being on time, eating during games, etc etc's not a free for all and I guarantee the football players are given strict rules and have respect for their coaches. Cheer should be no different.

Lanea Head said...

I have a question for all of you. I've been a youth cheer coach for a while. This year i got elected to be the cheerleading director. My responsibilities include, finding uniforms and accessories while staying in the budget, finding coaches for 4 cheer squads, getting sponsors for our organization, etc... I need a custom planner with pockets, folders, & a notebook. Does anyone know where I can get one or am I going to have to make one? Any suggestions? Thank you.