Monday, June 2, 2008

Voices And Facials

When you are coaching cheerleading to young girls it can be difficult to get them to cheer and not sing or look like a scared or surprised bobble head.

Some tips I use for my girls:


-Do not sing the words
-Make sure each word is load and clear
-Keep back and shoulders straight
-You shouldn't feel any strain in your throat
-Your voice should not squeak or crack(use your diaphragm) some girls will not understand what their diaphragm is being so young. It is your job to help them find it. I use a simple exercise called, I burnt the toast, it sounds silly but it does work.

-Have your girls lay on their backs
-Position their hands above their stomachs, below their ribs
-You chant, I burnt the toast, and they repeat
-Do this as many times you need to until they are all in sink, load, and clear
-Emphasize- use your diaphragm- and feel your muscles working


-Practice in the mirror, try a few different expressions
-Use different facials for different cheers, parts of dance, etc...
-Tilt your head to emphasize words and motions but don't over do it

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