Thursday, April 3, 2008

Avoiding Injuries

In youth cheerleading as in any sport there are some unavoidable risks and no amount of preparation can stop every injury. However there are some things you as a coach can do to limit them. Conditioning is very important. A well conditioned athlete is less likely to get hurt. So try to gradually increase flexibility exercises and strengthening exercises. Gradually increasing the intensity of conditioning each week will help also. Having a risk taking attitude, such as attempting difficult stunts before being ready, is another problem. When trying out a new stunt, review, review, review. Make sure you have ample spotting and use proper technique. Also make sure the girls are properly dressed.
As a coach you are responsible for your team. To protect them and yourself you should be prepared to handle an injury. Become educated in first aid and CPR. Treat every injury as soon as they happen. If your organization or school doesn't supply you with an injury report get one yourself and keep it on hand. I came across this the other day, take a look.

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