Friday, April 25, 2008

Coaching Staff

Having a coaches meeting with your coaching staff at least a few times prior to the season is so important. By doing this you can figure out who will have what responsibility and what role they will play. Everyone should bring something to the table. Having a diverse coaching staff is key to a successful season.
You and your coaching staff should become a team yourselves. Devise a practice plan and a season plan, always leaving room for adjustments. One of the most important things to discuss at these meetings is how you as the coaches will communicate. you need to agree that you will not contradict each other or talk over each other(argue) in front of your squad. Here are a few tips...
- arrive 5 to 15 minutes early to discuss each girls abilities, technique, and progression
- while the squad is on a run come together to discuss how you plan to execute the days practice
- while the squad takes a water break come together and discuss how the practice is going
-stay 5 to 15 minutes after practice to reflect on the practice
Remember not to dictate to your coaching staff, it won't help you. Let them help you, that's why the are there. Your assistants should be left alone to coach their specialty area as a part of your scheme.

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