Tuesday, April 29, 2008


For some reason I just can't get motivated this year. I don't know why. Our family has a lot of stuff going on, but so does everyone and that's no excuse. I just have a blaa attitude right now and I need to snap out of it or my squad is going to suffer. Usually by this time I have music , a couple routines, and have had a couple of coaches meetings by now. I'm full of excuses, the weather in Chicago has been just been terrible, we all are freezing watching our kids play baseball. It's suppose to be spring and I woke up this morning and it was 34 degrees out and can someone remind me what the sun looks like. I need some motivation. While writing this I stopped and call one of my assistants, who is a long time Friend, and set up a coaches meeting for tomorrow, hopefully that while help. I feel better just talking to her. If your season starts in July too it's time to get to work!!!

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