Monday, April 7, 2008


It happens every year at least a few times to me. As I said before I coach young girls., 3rd and 4th graders. Even at this age these girls can be vicious. Some are just always in trouble for disrespecting girls on the other teams. Making fun of them , calling them fat, telling them they stink, and using language that I didn't even think they knew yet. When the coach from the opposing side walks towards me after a Sunday game I think to myself, "here we go again". I'm always embarrassed and feel absolutely terrible. However I have come to realize that some girls make stuff up, too. So what I try to do, and it usually works out pretty good, is from the beginning of the season I put my rules right out there(there are quite a few). One is to respect the other team. Break any of the rules and you suffer the consequences, whether it be run a lap, or they are out of the next half time. If they encounter any problems with anyone from the other team tell me immediately. Always smile and tell them they did a good job. Kill them with kindness.

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